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There are no scheduled events.
There are no scheduled events.
OPEN WCAA Sport Programs - click to sign up now!
- Fall Basketball                    registration / information
- Rec Soccer                         registration / information
- Fall Baseball                       registration / information
- Flag Cheer                          registration
- Flag Football (Coed)            registration  
- Flag Ftb. Cheerleading         registration
Lacrosse                            registration /  information  
- Cowboys Tackle Cheer         registration
- Cowboys Tackle Football      registration / information


**  CLICK HERE to sign the petition
to expand the park.  **

Additional fields will increase practice space, allow for expanded sports offerings, and will increase the economic impact from the tournaments and events we host on Wesley Chapel and Pasco County .  Please help us right now and sign the petition.  CLICK HERE

WCAA Board of Directors - January 2013

WCAA Board Member Contact List - Executive Committee & General Board

 WCAA Board Member Contact List - Executive Committee & General Board

Title Sport/Department Name E-Mail
President Executive Tom FitzSimons Tom@WCAAsports.org
Vice President Executive Matt Morris Matt@WCAAsports.org
Secretary Executive Frank Britton Frank@WCAAsports.org
Treasurer Executive Kim Schreyer Kim@WCAAsports.org
Comptroller Executive Jackie Casale Jackie@WCAAsports.org
Director At Large Executive Pedro Mejia Pedro@WCAAsports.org
Director At Large Executive Joe Palermo Joe@WCAAsports.org
Counsel - non-voting advisor Executive Rick  Oliver oliverr.richard@gmail.com
Assistant Director of Concessions Concessions Amanda Fraley Amanda@WCAAsports.org
Assistant Director of Tackle Cheerleading Tackle Cheer Tara Townsend Tara@WCAAsports.org
Assistant Director of Tackle Football Tackle Football Harvey Odom Harvey@WCAAsports.org
Director of Baseball/Softball Baseball/Softball Pedro Mejia Pedro@WCAAsports.org
Director of Softball Softball Michelle Perez Michelle@WCAAsports.org
Director of Baseball Baseball Missy Dietsch Missy@WCAAsports.org
Director of Basketball Basketball Bob Dorr Bob@WCAAsports.org
Director of Competitive Soccer Comp. Soccer Chris Koenig Chris@WCAAsports.org
Director of Concessions Concessions JoAnn Slay JoAnn@WCAAsports.org
Director of Field Management Community Scott Carlson Scott@WCAAsports.org
Director of Flag Cheerleading Flag Cheer Heather King Heather@WCAAsports.org
Director of Flag Football Flag Football Jim Pisciuneri JimP@WCAAsports.org
Director of Lacrosse Lacrosse Joe Palermo Joe@WCAAsports.org
Director of Marketing and Communications Community Peter Rygiel Peter@WCAAsports.org
Director of Recreational Soccer Rec Soccer Paul Batson Paul@WCAAsports.org
Director of Sponsorship Community open    
Director of Tackle Cheerleading Tackle Cheer Tania Frost Tania@WCAAsports.org
Director of Tackle Football Tackle Football Craig Rivera CraigR@WCAAsports.org
Volunteer Coordinator Community Amanda Fraley Amanda@WCAAsports.org
Webmaster/Registration Director Community Craig Bailey Craig@WCAAsports.org


The WCAA is now on Facebook!

For over 10 years, the volunteers of the WCAA have provided the very best youth sports league for our kids. Please visit us on Facebook and upload your favorite photos from years both past and present.


The WCAA is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to provide excellent youth sports programs for our community. Donate now to the WCAA to help keep our programs affordable. Please click the button below and follow the instructions to submit your donation. Thank you for supporting the WCAA!

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